All competition entries must be less than 3 years old on the day of the judging, except for inter club battles, which can be of any age.

Prints: Maximum size of 500mm x 400mm including mount

PDI's: Maximum 1400px x 1050px

Entries must be handed in on the "Hand in" night, no exception. PDIs may be sent to the Comp Sec, via email, prior the the "Hand in" night, but not after! All "Hand in" nights are on the Program page (click here)

Inter club battles: All Prints or PDIs will be kept for the whole year if choosen by the commitee. The commitee's decision is final.

4 entries per section, ie 4 pdi's & 4 Prints, except where the competitions are either Print only or PDI's only, PLEASE CHECK....or ask.

If 4 entries are submitted, one has to be marked "R" for reserve, if to many entries to that competition, the "R" will be withdrawn. NO "R" marked, the compsec will choose one to be withdrawn.



4 prints may be submitted, of anything.

A set of 4 landscapes (PDIs)
No of Entries: max 2 sets, of 4 pdi's

Black and White only (Monochrome) no added colour, including toning.

  No of Entries: max 4 images total (PRINTS ONLY - That means NO PDIs)


A set of 3 images, one each of the following: landscape, people, competitive sport. Please note that for the competitive sport the photograph should show an element of the sport during a competition
No of Entries: max 2 sets of 3 print or pdi

ALL THE PICS MUST BE NEW MATERIAL FOR THIS COMPETITION i.e. not entered for this comp before nor just a slightly different image from those entered before.

Three images on one PDI, working as a panel. Two PDIs allowed, so two triptych max.


Submit 1 digital image for each of your preferred 5 categories chosen from the following titles and one reserve picture clearly marked reserve:    

1. Flora
2. Motion
3. Animals
4. Mono Portrait
5. Bridges
6. Stones in water
7. Phone images
8. Framed images
9. Circles

Flora: Flowers photographed in situ, not cut or arranged flowers, Trees photographed in situ, however they should not form part of a greater landscape, Macro images of leafs and bark are acceptable, Flower and trees must be identified.

MOTION-: Showing  any movement .Taken in camera or edited

Bridges: Pics of anything that bridges a gap. Must show the 'bridge' ends making contact with both sides of that gap (eg. even a biro laid across the top of a mug would count if it showed both sides of the rim in contact with the biro).

Mono Portrait: People portraits only...People portraits only.

Phone images: Phone images straight from the phone (Unmanipulated)

CIRCLES: Showing any circular subject/rings actual or set up

Reserve picture can be anything you like i.e. it doesn’t have to fit into one of the above categories.

The points for each image will be totalled together and the winner will be the highest score. There will not necessarily be a winner etc in each category but there may be more than one image awarded 20, 19 or 18  points. 
No of Entries: max 5 digital  images and 1 reserve

ALL THE PICS MUST BE NEW MATERIAL FOR THIS COMPETITION i.e. not entered for that comp before and not just a slightly different image from those entered before.

Open competition – any image
No of Entries: maximum total of 8 images – maximum of 4 images in print or pdi

An image of architecture

No of Entries: max 3 images total; max of 4 in one format

Any form of landscapel

No of Entries: max 6 images total; max of 4 in one format

  1. Open competition, no subject matter, enter your best images.
  2. No age limit to entries
  3. Six entries in each of PDIs and Prints
  4. The selection commitee will choose the prints/images to be entered, their decision is FINAL